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July 6, 2017

Critical Source Non Marijuana Logo Design

Critical Source is a CO2 extraction company in Eugene, Oregon founded by investors from the oil and gas sector. Their approach to crude oil and cannabis oil can be summed up as, “the core of the core”. They believed in finding the epicenter of where oil comes from and then finding the highest quality in the center of that production area. Critical Source wanted a sophisticated logo representing their CO2 extraction methodology that didn’t use pot leaves or the color green.

After multiple round of exploration, the Critical Source story began to translate into a graphic langue consisting of smokey gray and golden cannabis oil. The process of unlocking high quality cannabis in Critical Source’s painstaking method was represented by the golden bursts radiating out from Critical Source’s word mark.  The logo works well at various sizes and could be applied in a variety of ways including embroidery on golf polos and small avatars on social media channels.


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