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Denver Broncos Identity Design

In 1996, Pat Bowlen of the Denver Broncos came to NIKE and said, “I want a horse that looks like it’s going to kick your ass”. A small group of core designers took on the daunting task of creating a swoosh that was a horse. Through careful consideration, we were able to understand the Denver Broncos’ story as well as everyone in the organization.

The resulting identity reflected a native american legend of a ‘ghost horse of the plains’. A horse so spirited, it couldn’t be tamed by man. That’s why the horse is white—it’s a ghost. And the eyes are the windows to its soul. The soul is full of fire bubbling beneath the surface like a volcano, one of nature’s greatest uncontrollable forces. That’s why orange is a key color to telling the Denver Broncos’ story.


This was a significant project across multiple categories at NIKE

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