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Kalapooya Fire Cannabis Package Design

Once Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, the entire industry shifted into high gear. One CO2 extraction company in particular took a ‘tortoise and the hare’ approach. While other extraction company’s raced to be the first to market with subpar (and unsafe) products, Critical Source in Eugene, Oregon took their time to improve extraction formulations to produce the highest quality oil from the highest quality growers.

The Kalapooya Fire story is an homage to the native tribe that inhabited southern Oregon hundreds of years ago. The Calapooya tribe farmed their land sustainably, including the use of fire which they used to burn off grasses to make it easier to access camas cakes. We dug deep into their history and chose to go in a direction that reflected as many core values that connected the brand to the ancient tribe.

We wanted the entire product to be sustainable and leave no footprint when creating their marijuana packaging design. The patented child-resistant packaging is completely recycled stock with water based ink. There are 15 farms supplying high grade cannabis flower to Critical Source.

We created a vintage matchbox package to play off the fire motif and took it a step further to design a vape pen and battery that looked like a match stick inside the matchbox. When deciding to use the core values of the Calapooya tribe in marketing the product, we thought it would be best to use vintage fonts and vintage graphics to really capture the essence of the company and product.

Inspired by Vintage Graphics 

Each farm has a unique collectible design on their matchbox, making these packages not only sustainable, but desirable. Since creating their package design using vintage fonts and vintage graphics, business for the Oregon company has grown for them. For a consultation with Bakas Media, inquire with us today. We work with companies in San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA and other areas across the country.


The packaging needed to be 100% sustainable.

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